This weekend was particularly hard. I vowed I would not go back to visit my husband until he asked me. It was so hard not to see him. Every fiber in my being wants to see him and hug him and just be with him but I know right now that is not where our relationship is at. He would not welcome me. I have been an emotional wreck all weekend. I want to feel normal again and I am not sure when that will happen or if it will ever happen. At the moment it feels like part of me is missing. I want to talk to my husband and share good things and lean on him when I feel like I just can’t go on. I need to understand his pain and be able to take it away. I wonder if he feels like part of him is missing…he keeps saying he will write me but he hasn’t and I don’t suspect he will. I may have to accept the fact that our marriage is over and there will be no explanation. I would have never expected this from him…at the same time I would have never expected this is the way things would have turned out for us at all. It has only been 6 months. We have barely been married. I think about all the things we have never shared and my heart hurts. We’ve never watched a movie together…sat down and had a meal together….fell asleep in each other’s arms….everyday normal things most people take for granted. How can our marriage be over…it has not even started? I am so confused and so hurt. Maybe time and space will help us both heal….


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